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Big Brother Naija 2017 : All About D HouseMates

Big Brother Naija 2017 : All About D HouseMates

The news of Big Brother Naija 2017 kick starting on Sunday 22, January 2017 made a lot of wave and still making among Nigerians. The return of the show to many is an exciting news. For those that don’t know what Big Brother Naija 2017 is, don’t worry. This post will unveil that alongside all the whole BBN housemates and participants.

Big Brother Naija 2017 is a reality show modeled after Big Brother Africa which in turn is an African version of Big Brother reality TV show. The show will last for 11 weeks. In each of the weeks (on Sunday precisely), a house mate is evicted out of the Big Brother House and by extension out of the reality show by public vote. With this, only one Housemate will remain at the end of the 11th week and that person becomes the winner.

The winning housemate will win a gift of N25 million and a brand new KIA Sorento car.

The show is been Hosted in South Africa. Nigerians are not happy about this and when the Management of the Show were asked why they choose South Africa for producing a reality show meant for Nigerians, they replied by saying “We have a fully equipped house in South Africa, which is used for the Big Brother shows. This means that we are able to achieve high production values whilst meeting tight timeliness and ensuring the show comes to our viewers on time as planned, and with the same globally renowned quality.“ You care to know the mother company hosting the show? Well, its Multichoice. The company of DSTV and GOTV.

big brother naija 2017 big brother nigeria

Big Brother Naija 2017 Nigeria


Big Brother Naija 2017 is shown 24/7 on :

  • DStv channel 198
  • GOtv channel 29
  • In case you missed any important part,you can catch the daily highlights at 7PM on every AfricaMagic channel



The Big Brother Housemates are the contestants in the reality show that would keep us entertained as they live in the same house for 11 weeks. They are 12 in number and a brief overview of each of them will be given below { Two more are joining them at the end of the first week }

  • 1. BALLY

This Guy is chilled and easy going, he is employed as a statistician but hopes to start his own digital content creation company soon. Definately, he has a girlfriend. The clause however is, they don’t get to see each others often as she is busy with work, she’s a lawyer. Bally likes confronting the challenges of life, that made him to live in Lagos while his family stays in Abuja. He is from a family of 7 and he is the middle child (he has 2 older and 2 younger siblings). Bally doesn’t like stagnancy and that why he is doing this.

  • 2. BISOLA

Big Brother Housemate Bisola


Permit me to say Abisola is a good example of things don’t always last forever. She was brought up in a rich home until the age of 8 when things got bad and she had to move to rural Nigeria where she lived with cousins selling makeup and she got another shot at the high life when she came fifth in a reality singing competition.

  • 3. COCOICE

Cocolce lost her mum in 2001 and since then, had her relationship with her brother getting tighter by the day. Sadly, she had been a product of bad romantic relationships and had now taken that a history. She is currently single and finds advancement in her career as the only thing on her mind.

  • 4. EFE

efe house mate big brother nigeria

This guy is confident and easy going. Efe is a graduate of economics and he loves to cook. Efe moved to Lagos in search of better opportunities and eventually made something for himself.

  • 5. GIFTY

Gifty had her tertiary education in Accra, Ghana and according to her, have returned to Lagos, Nigeria to achieve her dreams. Her mother is her source of inspiration. She had featured in a number of Nollywood monster hits. her mum had taught her how to treat people with grace!

  • 6. KEMEN

Kemen is a ship manager turned fitness entrepreneur, he is Port Harcourt’s most sought after personal trainer. Kemen trusts in converting hurt into motivation and uses his life to inspire self-care through sustainable agriculture and self-care.

  • 7. MARVIS

Marvis is from a royal family in Onne, Eleme, Port Harcourt. According to her, she is the 11th child out of 21 and is a graduate of mass communication. Marvis is single and her last relationship ended because she couldn’t handle the long-distance kind of relationship which usually lead to a lot of quarrel between them. Disrespect she says gets her very upset.

  • 8. MIYONSE 



Ask me who is Miyonse and I will tell you he’s the head chef with a chef as is girlfriend. They’ve been dating for 2 months now. His passion for cooking was kindled while he was growing up with his mum, spending lots of time with her in the kitchen. This made him attended a culinary school and as stated earlier, he is now a head chef. One thing Miyonse hates is being taken for granted.

  • 9. SOMA

Soma is a musician, his mother is also a musician while his father is a pastor. His mum is his pursuant for his music career and had served as the opening act for a number of notable artistes. Soma is a university of port harcourt drop out. He wish to continue his education in the science line because of his love for gadgets. Soma is in a long distance relationship.

  • 10. TBOSS

When she was in primary school boarding, Tboss struggled with loneliness and making friends. This often attract to her the wrong crowd. Her dad was very strict and tough on her and her siblings but her mom was always soft spoken and sweet. Tboss studied at UNILAG for nine months before going to Romania to complete her studies. To crown it up, Tboss an occasional drinker.


This is a self acclaimed team player and choreographer, he has performed at the opening of BBNaija’s first edition and has since expanded into acting, writing and poetry.

  • 12. URIEL

Uriel was born in England. After her birth, they soon returned to Nigeria. She has 4 brothers with diverse character. Uriel likes cooking but hates cleaning up the mess she makes in the kitchen.

That’s all for now on Big Brother Naija 2017 ( Nigeria Version )”, share your thoughts and opinions with us through the comments box and like us on

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