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Bitcoin To Naira Exchange Rate Today { 1 BTC To NGN } 2017

Bitcoin To Naira Exchange Rate Today { 1 BTC To NGN } 2017

A lot of Nigerians are asking how much is bitcoin to naira exchange rate today. As the popularity, acceptance usage of bitcoins grew, there is more need to know the daily bitcoins to naira exchange rate since its fluctuates a lot and not stable. Fab36 is here to provide you a daily updated rate. So you can bookmark this page to get your updates.

Bitcoin To Naira Exchange Rate Today { 1 BTC To NGN }

  • 1 Bitcoin To Naira / 1 BTC to Naira = 570.000 

  • 1 Bitcoin To Dollar / 1 BTC To USD { Buy/Sell } = 530 / 450

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a digital currency that is made of cryptocodes and was designed by a Japanese named Satoshi.

Bitcoin was intended for online trading and to stop the limitation of currency exchange that limits buying and selling online.

Bitcoin To Naira Exchange Rate Today 1 Btc to Ngn

Bitcoin To Naira Exchange Rate Today { 1 BTC To NGN }

The currency in its own rights, can be bought from a local exchange such as naira4dollar or and can be used the same way you would use the Naira when sending and receiving money anyone at anywhere in the world.

Before being able to get bitcoins you need to have a wallet and thus can be gotten from or which is a framework that allows you to keep track of transactions and increasing the overall transparency as you know exactly where your money went and how much came into your bitcoin address.

The Bitcoin To Naira Exchange Rate Pricing

The price is very unstable but super reliable for consumers who buys it. Bitcoin is beneficial investment as with a number of exchanges you can buy from sellers and resell at profits within a matter of minutes on exchange site such as Naira4dollar or Nairaex at competitive rates.

Purchasing Bitcoin whether it is n bulk or small quantity will automatically allow you to delve into trading with buyer who are interested in doing business with the currency.

Where to buy Bitcoins in Nigeria

Bitcoin can be brought peer to peer from other users around Nigeria but for added security and a premium rate for you Naira, and are the only traders with a payment processor and the only exchangers in Nigeria currently offering average services on your Naira for the time being until something better comes up. There delivery times are slow but still ends up getting you with naira4dollar being the slowest with a bad customer service, the service they offer is about average for newcomers in Nigeria who wants to purchase Bitcoin initially to experience it on a daily level.

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  1. Hi, Please is there a way to convert dollars to bitcoin and do you have a ny reliable source?

    1. Yes Its possible, and there different ways to do that

    2. Yes there are a lot of ways. I have three different ones I use

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