Small Scale Business Ideas In Nigeria 2017 Hot 20

small scale business ideas in Nigeria with low capital

Hot 20 Small Scale Business Ideas In Nigeria 2017

In this era, Most youth are tired of just sitting at home. Entrepreneurship seems to be the saviour, and more people are asking what can I do to make money in Nigeria , about the lucrative business ideas in Nigeria with low capital 2017. So we at fab36 decided to come up with a list of simple, low investment small business ideas to start with little money.

small scale business ideas in Nigeria with low capital

Below are The Viable Top 20 Small Scale business Ideas in Nigeria 2017 

  • 1. Making Beads : This is one of the many businesses that requires little skills and generates a lot of revenue.
  • 2. Sports Viewing Centre : Daily, the number of sports fans in Nigeria increases. People go to great lengths to watch the big matches especially the EPL and opening a sports viewing centre can rake in a lot of profit if done right.
  • 3. Phone Repair : People have reasons to repair phone regularly- ranging from screen cracks to motherboard repair.
  • 4. Mini-wholesale : There are needs everywhere. People will patronise you if you just have the things they need.
  • 5. Opening a Barber’s Shop or Hair Saloon : People pay a lot to look beautiful and good.
  • 6. Farming Produce Storage : There’s need for food everywhere. Being a food producer and having a good storage system would make a lot of money for you.
  • 7. Photography : There are a lot of parties and people who want to remember certain days. If you are creative and have the ability to socialise, you will surely enjoy this option.
  • 8. Game Centre : Youths have a knack for exciting thing and game is one of those exciting thing.
  • 9. Snack Making : Even if you’re not an expert, you can learn and employ expert.
  • 10. Catering Service : even if you are just learning how to makes snacks etc, people are in need of good catering service.
  • 11. Blogging : Do you have two passions? Ability to write and a love for researching an sharing information, this is one of the ” best start at home business ideas in Nigeria ” to do at the moment.
  • 12. Teaching : Every knowledge sells. Being knowledgeable in a particular field can pay you if you can impact it on others.
  • 13. Consultancy Services : Experience and knowledge is wealth. If you have experience in some particular niche or businesses, you can offer consultancy services.
  • 14. Rental Services : Nigerians loves to party and attend events and occasions, so you can offer rental service for the things needed e.g. canopies and chairs etc.
  • 15. Car Wash Service 
  • 16. Laundry Services : This business is such that you don’t even need to wash with the hand. You can use a machine and employ people to assist you with the work.
  • 17. Fashion Designing : When you are good with creativity, you are sure to make a lot of money.
  • 18. Phone Sales : The online world is more mobile and Nigeria is not left out, the sales of mobile phones especially android phones is always on the increase. You can catch into this hot lucrative business.
  • 19. Repairing of Computers : If you have a technical know-how of computers, you can make them pay while you render your service.
  • 20. Sachet Water Business : People consume water and have a love for ‘clean’ one.

That’s all on ” Top 20 Small Scale Business Ideas in Nigeria With Low Capital “, share your thoughts and opinions with us through the comment box and like us on

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