Jumia Black Friday 2017 Nigeria Kenya Ghana Hot Deals Date

jumia black friday Deals Nigeria Kenya Ghana
Nigeria Kenya Ghana Tanzania Uganda

Jumia Black Friday 2017 Nigeria Kenya Ghana Hot Deals DAte

Jumia Black Friday is here again this 2017 and it is bigger and better with some cool deals for you all. So if you are in Nigeria, Kenya, or Ghana then this is the right post for you as we are going to be giving you all the updates on Jumia Black Friday 2017 with direct link to the hottest and cheapest deals.

jumia black friday Deals Nigeria Kenya Ghana
Nigeria Kenya Ghana Tanzania Uganda

Jumia Black Friday 2017 on Jumia Nigeria

The date for this year’s black Friday in Nigeria is 24 November 2017. Though the event starts even before that day. Right from the 14th of November 2017 Jumia would have started giving out special offers to their customers. Don’t worry we got you back, see them below.

14 November 2017 : 60% off on kitchen utensils, that is awesome. On this day you get to buy Blenders, Manual Juicers, Microwave Food Covers, Flasks, Cutleries, Slicers and other kitchen utensils with at the cheapest rate in any store.

15 November 2017 : Father and Son specials. You won’t want to miss the best deals on men’s clothing, shop for your jeans, polo T-shirt, and knickers at the best price.

16 November 2017 : On this day you are going to get up to 90% discount on digital products like cameras and lots more. Don’t miss this offer.

17 November 2017 : A day dedicated for your Personal computer. You are going to get up to 70 percent off on products like Laptops, Desktops, Deskjet Printers, Memory Cards, External Hard Drives, Flash Of Any Capacity.

18 November 2017 : For the kids, you want your kid to look trendy then shopping with jumia on this date is going to be best for you. With up to 70% off on kids cloths, bags shoes and lots more, you have to make it a date.

19 November 2017 : You haven’t seen the best of Jumia Black Friday as you are going to get 50% off Insurance Deals, Accessories and Airtime Data Plan on this date.

20 November 2017 : Entertainment and fun lovers mark this date on your calendar as there is no excuse for missing the best discounts on Playstations, Plasma Tvs, Tapes and Other Entertaining Tools.

21 November 2017 : Am sure this is the date every Nigerian must be waiting for this Jumia Phones on Jumia Black Friday 2017 . You are going to get 40% discount on smartphones which include Tecno, Infinix, iPhone, Samsung and Plus all other major smartphone brands .

22 November 2017 : Women are not left off as this is the special date for women. You are going to get a minimum of 50% discount on women wears.

23 November 2017 : This date is for taking care of your body, get your shampoos, body cream and other body treatments on Jumia at the best price ever.

24 November 2017 : The d day, the official Jumia Black Friday 2017 in Nigeria. You are going to get 60% off on any product you buy on this today. Really cool, make sure you don’t miss out.

Jumia Black Friday 2017 : Jumia Kenya

Jumia Black Friday 2017 on Jumia Kenya is going to take place on Friday 24 November 2017. Here is a timeline of the events so you don’t miss a bit of the best deals.

14 November 2017 : This date is dedicated for Home appliances, you are going to get the best offers on your home appliances with up to 60% off on Fridges, Standing Fans, Irons, Soaps, Air Conditioner, Water Dispenser, Water Purifier, Washing Machine and others then you mustn’t miss this date.

15 November 2017 : Are you fashion concious and love to remain in vogue and keep up with trends. Then don’t miss the best offers on jewelries, hats, wristwatches, necklaces, bracelets, scarfs, lingeries, underwears, pyjamas, bags, belts, swimsuits, Sunglasses, T-shirts, Shirts, dress pants, boots, jeans, shorts, dresses, jumpers/cardigans, Ankle socks, Ballet flats, Sandals, pumps, dress shoes, and slippers.

16 November 2017 : Jumia Kenya has come with one of the best offers as there is going to be 50% discount on smartphones which include top brands in Kenya like, Tecno, Infinix, Samsung, Innjoo and others. This is the best time to buy that dream phone.

17 November 2017 : This date need to be tagged digital specials, as you are going to get cameras, lens, camera pouch and other related accessories at a discount of up to 60%.

18 November 2017 : Sports and Fitness day for Kenyans. Get your Sport Wears, Soft Mat Pad, Slimming Massager and Other Fitness Tool and an amazing 70% discount rate. Don’t miss out

19 November 2017 : Introducing the Warehouse Clearance at a minimum of 50% discount. You are going to shop for Washing Machines, Games, Women and Men Wears, Plasma TV on this date at a really cheap rate.

20 November 2017 : On this date Jumia Kenya offer Play Stations, Tapes, Radio, and Plasma Tvs at a giveaway price, make sure you make it a date.

21 November 2017 : This date is for upgrading your laptop, you are going to get cool hardware upgrades at affordable rates.

22 November 2017 : Cleaning day I think, as Jumia Kenya dedicates this day for soaps, insecticides, air fresheners and lots more at a really affordable price.

23 November 2017 : Get 60% off on your body creams, shampoos and other body treatments at a discount of 60%.

24 November 2017 : The main date you must have been waiting for. Jumia Black Friday Kenya 2017, get up to 50% discount on various items, though its fastest fingers first.

Jumia Black Friday 2017 : Jumia Ghana

The Jumia Black Friday event is different in Ghana, unlike the event in Nigeria and Kenya, the Ghanaian event takes place for three days. This year 2017 the Jumia black Friday Ghana is going to begin in the 24th of November and run till the 26th of November 2017.

There you have it on the top deals for the 2017 edition of the Jumia black Friday in Nigeria, Kenya and Ghana. If those cool deals haven’t convinced you to shop with Jumia then here is yet another spice. Did you know you can make cool cash on Jumia Black Friday? Well if you didn’t am going to put you through.

How To Make MONEY  on Jumia Black Friday 2017

Making money from this event is simply and doesn’t need any trick or cheat. If you are looking to make some money then follow the guide below.

As we all know products are going to come at a cheaper price during the Black Friday event, so if you have some cash to invest you can buy as many products as you can at a cheap rate then sell after the whole black Friday at the actual rate. For example you buy a Power bank for N2000 which is actually sold for N4000. When the black Friday is offer you can resell that power bank at the actual rate.

Now am sure you must be wondering how you are going to sell the products, well its simple. You can sell on Jumia with a sellers account which means you won’t need to hawk the products at all. Just set up a sellers account and see your orders roll in. Smiles

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