Mmm Kenya : What is MMM Kenya

what is MMM kenya

MMM Kenya : What is MMM Kenya

Here is all you need to know about MMM Kenya. A lot of Kenyans have heard of MMM Kenya recently and are wondering what its all about, in this post we are going to be giving you full information about it, we are going to give you details on how the platform and scheme really works, pls a brief candid review from fab36.

What is MMM Kenya?

Before we proceed into the details on how this platform really operates we are going to start by telling you what MMM Kenya really is. A lot of people don’t really know what it really is, but according to the information on their official website says it’s not an online business, it is not a bank, it is not an HYIP or MLM.

what is MMM kenya

They are simply a platform which helps millions of participants to connect with those who need financial help to those who are ready to provide help, for free. So we can say that they are simply a platform where people meet and exchange financial assistance and since it is clearly stated on there website that they are not a bank, do not save your money nor interfere directly in your transaction. All they do is make sure the money is transferred to the appropriate account.

MMM Kenya is a subsidiary of “MMM” which is a global mutual aid community and social financial donation exchange network which was established in the year 1989 by Sergei Mavrodi, Ogla Melnikova and Vyacheslav Mavrodi (who is Sergei Mavrodi’s brother).

How Does MMM Kenya Work ?

Like I said earlier, it’s simply a platform in which people meet to exchange financial help. This platform is carefully designed to pair people who are in need of financial help with those who are ready to offer help. The platform also makes sure that the transaction between members of the community is fraud free and does the best to sanitise the system. Since there is no central account on the platform where your money is being stored all that you need to do is make your account number available and also get the bank account details of the person you are to send money to. After doing that you can proceed with the transaction and make evidence of your payment so the system can confirm that the money was really paid.

Review of MMM Kenya

MMM Kenya is a subsidiary of the global community MMM which is general regarded as a ponzi scheme based on how they operate. There is no real investment involved yet a high interest rate on your money within a set period. This is the exact way ponzi schemes operate and it is not advisable that one invest his / her hard earned money into this platform. The global community of MMM successfully perpetrated one of the largest ponzi schemes in Russia in the year 1997, millions of Russians lost their money at that time and the founders of the scheme couldn’t actually state the amount of money people lost. Based on this historical fact one can expect MMM Kenya to someday crash and leave Kenyans who have invested their money in the scheme stranded.

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