Naira MasterCard Exchange Rate Today 2017

Gtbank Naira MasterCard Exchange Rate Today
Gtbank Naira MasterCard Exchange Rate Today

Naira MasterCard Exchange Rate Today December { All Banks ATM  CARDS }

The ATM naira Mastercard exchange rate fluctuates due to the volatile nature of the naira. Many customers are not happy with the limitations of the ATM naira mastercard and the exchange value of the naira card. Most of the Nigerian banks offer either a naira master card or a visa naira card. The visa naira card is also internationally accepted. Foreign transactions such as online shopping, accomodation fees, college tuition, medical expenditure and the likes with the visa naira card withdraws cash from the person’s account, converting it to the local currency of the particular country.

Access Bank Naira MasterCard Exchange Rate

  • $1 USD to Naira 320

Using GTBank MasterCard Exchange Rate / Visa

Gtbank Dollar to Naira Exchange Rate

  • $1 USD to Naira 320

Gtbank Euro to Naira Exchange Rate

  • €1 EUR to Naira 352

Gtbank Pounds to Naira Exchange Rate

  • £1 GPB to Naira 398

Gtbank Indian Rupees to Naira Exchange Rate

  • 1 INR to Naira 4.8

Gtbank Ugandan Shillings to Naira Exchange Rate

  • 1 UGX to Naira 10.8

Gtbank Naira MasterCard Exchange Rate Today
Gtbank Naira MasterCard Exchange Rate Today

Customers usually end up with a higher exchange rate due to restrictions in dollar supply. This can be driven by oil price tag, Nigerian economy, as well as other varying factors. In recent development some baks have suspended the use of foreign ATM services due to the shortage of the dollar in Nigeria, and economic recession.

It is important that you know the exchange rate of any foreign country you visit or make transactions with. This is to put you in a better position to know the exact equivalent amount in naira that you will be required to pay and saves you additional cost. Knowing the exchange rate of the foreign country also helps you know how much equivalent currency is in your account. This helps you to plan well on how to spend as economically as possible.

ATM withdrawal, internationally,is limited to $300 or the equivalent currency of the local country where d person is currently. The same applies to international POS transactions. It is possible to put in a request to increase you POS limit, but there is no guarantee that it would be raised. Such possibility is determined by what the bank can make available.

There is also a limit as to the amount of dollars you can withdraw, per month and per year. This amount is set and modified by the banks as they see fit. Recently the central bank of Nigeria has rreduced the existing annual limit from $150,000 to $50,000. The common exchange rats nowadays are Dollar, Euro , British Pound Sterling, Dirham, Cedi to Naira, Ringgit, Rupee, Yuan, Riyal, Lira to Naira and others.

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