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Natural Resources In Nigeria And Their Uses Top 5

Top 5 Natural Resources In Nigeria And Their Uses

Natural resources are those things available naturally on the earth surface, below or above the earth’s surface in a form and quantity that can be considered for economic extraction. These resources are numerous that we begin to believe all things we needed have been provided by nature and what is required of us is to look deep into it in order to understand it. This post would discuss the leading top 5 natural resources in Nigeria and their uses .

Nigeria is a nation blessed with enormous resources that one would wonder why it citizens are poor anyway, the topic is not why Nigerians are poor due to their enormous resources, it is top 5 leading natural resources in Nigeria and their uses.

List of Top 5 Natural Resources In Nigeria and Their


Petroleum and Natural gas are found together. This is by far the most important and widely talked about mineral resources in Nigeria. Petroleum and Natural gas was discovered first in Oloibiri in 1959 and since it discovery, Nigeria has not remain the same. After the discovery in this place by Shell BP, Other oil region had been found to also be rich in oil. Petroleum is found in the Niger Delta Region of Nigeria. States in this region includes Akwa Ibom, Rivers, Bayelsa, Delta, Edo, Anambra, Calabar, Edo, Imo and Abia. Oil and Gas top our list of most important Natural resources in Nigeria and their uses .


The Nigerian coal is one OF the best coal in the world owning to LOW sulphur and ash content making it eco-friendly. It had been discovered that Nigeria have nearly 3 billion tonnes of coal reserves. Presently, only over 600 million tonnes of proven reserves are present. Coal is a very good energy though it is not widely used in Nigeria owing to the shift to use of Diesel and gas. Currently, most of the mines had been deserted and the Federal Government is planning of privatisation it. Enugu, Benue, Nasarawa, Ondo, Plateau and Zamfara aare the states were coal had been discovered in Nigeria.

Natural Resources In Nigeria And Their Uses

Natural Resources In Nigeria And Their Uses


Bitumen was first discovered in 1900 and the exploration started in 1905. This natural resource reserves in the Nigeria is twice the volume of the existing crude oil in the country. The amount of bitumen put at 42 billion tonnes. The irony of it however is, this large reserves are not been exploited and most of tthe bitumen used in road constructions are imported. In Nigeria, bitumen can be found in Lagos State, Ogun State, Ondo State, and Edo State.


About 3 billion metric tonnes of iron ore is said to be present in Nigeria. The National Iron Ore Mining Company was founded in 1979 in order to explore and provide this iron ore to the Ajaokuta Steel Company in Ajaokuta and Delta Steel Company in Aladja. This company cannot be said to have keep to it misson and the two steel companies are even non-functional. It is present in Kogi state and Enugu State as well Niger state and the FCT.


Gypsum is a very important resources, it is used in the production of plaster of Paris (POP), cement, as well as the classroom chalk among others. About 1 billion tonnes of gypsum deposits are spread across some states in Nigeria. These includes; Adamawa, Anambra, Bauchi, Bayelsa, Benue, Borno, Delta, Edo, Gombe, Imo, Kogi, Ondo and Sokoto.

Looking at the 5 Natural Resources in Nigeria and their uses plus the countless others present it is clear that Nigeria is blessed and we only need to make adequate use of our resources.

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