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NYSC Orientation Camp Requirements

NYSC Orientation Camp Requirements

The NYSC is a once in a lifetime experience for Nigerian youths as they are posted to communities far away from their state of origin to learn more about various cultures and mix with a new set of people. Every Corp member spends about 21 days in an orientation camp. NYSC Orientation Camo Requrement :- This article gives you details on all you would be needing in camp –

NYSC Orientation Camp Requirements

NYSC Orientation Camp Requirements

All NYSC Orientation Camp Requirement

• Call up letter: This is a vital part of your registration, it is the only evidence that shows you are a prospective corps member. Do not laminate it and make sure you keep it safe.

• Final Year Student identity card.

• Your Statement of Result

• Make photocopies of all documents about 10 per document.

• Passport Photographs about 20 should be enough.

• A clear bag

• Certificates/ Licences For Doctors, Pharmacists, Nurses & Lab Scientists,

• Stationary: Pen, paper, gum.

• Round-necked white T-shirts: This is an essential outfit , although you would be given two pairs in camp,  you can bring extra pairs like six. This is because you may not have time to wash during the week.

• White Shorts: You would also need to bring about 2 of this for your own convenience.

• Plain white sneakers/ tennis shoes: This is a very important outfit in the orientation camp, you would surely be given one but it might not suit you and get messed up easily so it is advised you buy yours.

• White socks: You would be given but just get extra pairs because you won’t have time to wash frequently.

• Padlocks: Please always lock your boxes and bags to avoid regrets and tears.

• Waist pouch: You need it to carry your money, phone, small valuables around with you at all times and even sleep with them so as to avoid regrets.

• Mosquito treated net

• Antiseptic/ disinfection and detergents.

• Towels, handkerchief, flashlight or rechargeable lamps, a pair of slippers, bed sheets, pillow cases and a pillow.

• Flask, bowl and cup for eating.

• Enough cash: You would need to spend on things like food, energy drinks, recharge cards, charging of your electronic devices, laundry, pictures and lots more. You normally won’t be allowed to leave the camp but you can still bring your ATM card.

You can also bring your camera along for memories you won’t want to forget.

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