Richest Musicians in Tanzania
Diamond Platnumz among the Richest Musicians in Tanzania


Its usual to read the question who is the richest musicians in Tanzania, so we at fab36 decide to write a post on the Top 10 Richest Musicians in Tanzania from the growing list of rich talented musical artist from this culturally rich southern African country.


  • 1. Diamond Platnumz ( Naseeb Abdul )

Diamond Platnumz has managed to become one of the top of African performers, which is no small feat to attain when one is a Tanzanian artist. Yet other talents from Tanzania can aspire to this rank.

Richest Musicians in Tanzania
Diamond Platnumz among the Richest Musicians in Tanzania

Naseeb Abdul┬áremained in the shadows for a long time in search of a break, but now that the spotlight has been thrown at him, he proved himself to be at the top of the music charts. He made his debut in 2009 with his song “Kamwambie”.

He is one of the most expensive players, not only in Tanzania, but the region and he does not seem like the outside musicians as he is on stage on a weekly basis. You want him for a show, you will pay $4000 (Sh350,000).

In addition the Advertising deals signed Naseeb Abdul, has allowed him to make a fortune in a short time. He has hotels in Tanzania with acres of land, cars and shops.

  • 2. JOSEPH Haule (Professor Jay)

He began his musical career in 1990 with a band called Hard Blasters. This is the band that started the style of music known as ‘Muziki wa kizazi kipya’. The artist has acquired his wealth through the many shows that he performed abroad.

A seaside mansion with a built in studio, he drove a modest Toyota Spacio, but do not let him fool you, it can afford more because he makes good amount of money from his musics, has many plots and he his also a serious investor.

  • 3. JUDITH Wambura (LADY JAY DEE)

Judith Wambura began her musical career in late 1999, now one of the most respected artists in Tanzania. She works very hard, which led to her success and being able to amass a fortune in her name and has remained humble throughout her success.

Lady Jay Dee has in her garage a minibus Coaster Nissan Murano, Toyota, Toyota Prado and others. It is obvious that you can’t have everything. She also have a mansion. She’s very strong and has a group with the name Machoz

  • 4. Yesaya AMBWENE (AY)

He began his musical career in 2000 with the group East Coast. Subsequently, the group broke up and he continued to do his solo music with his close friend Hamisi Mwinjuma (Mwana FA). They remain close friends and have been friends for over ten years.

AY likes to keep his private life private and moves as far as possible from the cameras. All the shyness of the camera can go wrong, but he is one of the richest artists in Tanzania . He got his wealth from the many shows he does and international events that generously pay him. He has a collection of cars, a clothing line with his name and several shops.

AY is the owner of the Unity entertainment company that produces programs like the famous ‘Mkasi’, which is broadcasted on East Africa Television.

  • 5. JUMA Nature (KIROBOTO)

It is one of the long timers that are still relevant in the music scene. He was able to make a name for himself from his days in the TMK male group performers when he was under Mkubwa Fela. He then left and formed his own group called “Wanaume Halisi”. He has a fleet of taxis operating in Dar es Salaam; He also has acres of land and a house.

  • 6. Barakah Da Prince

He is one of the best Tanzanian artists. In the image of Diamond, we have, in the person of Barakah Da Prince, a brilliant “lover” endowed with a great talent and a superb voice. This is what we have seen in Nivumilie, in collaboration with Ruby, or more recently thanks to Siwezi.

  • 7. Jux (Juma Jux)

Juma Jux is also another cool artist that has made it to our list of top 10 richest musicians in Tanzania .

Looking For You or One More Night and more, are songs that have enjoyed cool successes.

  • 8. Vanessa Mdee

When Tanzanian music combines with the feminine (although this is already the case grammatically), it is without disputes possible that one must refer to Vanessa Mdee.

Her biggest hit Nobody But Me (ft. K.O) Has passed the million views on YouTube. It is not far away thanks to its tubes the mixed Tanzanian group that rides Navy Kenzo, whose title is Game. She is still as surprising in her latest solo piece Never Ever. This and many more got her to number 9 on our list of top 10 richest musicians in Tanzania .

  • 9. Ali kiba

He is the most popular Tanzanian artist behind Platnumz. Alikiba has been successful in solo with Chekecha Cheketua, Mwana; But also in duet with Christian Bella (Nagharamia) And particularly with the group Sauti Sol in an exceptional, featuring (Unconditionally Bae).

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