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Top 10 Richest State in Nigeria 2017

Top 10 Richest State in Nigeria 2017

If youWealth in Nigeria is not distributed equally among the state. While some states have vast amount of resources and wealth at their disposal, others can barely raise their head when money is being mentioned. This raised our curiosity to know which state are the richest state in Nigeria or What else would you call a scenario where one of it states has one of the most robust economy in Africa and in the same country, other states can barely pay workers salary. Anyway, check out the top 10 richest states in Nigeria according to GDP.

List of Top 10 Richest States in Nigeria 2017


the top 10 richest state in nigeria

Lagos The richest state in Nigeria

This is by far the richest state in Nigeria and the most robust economy in Nigeria. It is the 2nd most industrial state in Nigeria and 2nd most populous state in Nigeria despite it small land area. Lagos state pride itself as having Africa’s largest metropolitan city (Lagos) in it, which happens to be one of the fastest growing in the world.

Accordingly to data available, Lagos state has the largest economy in Nigeria and would have been the 5th largest in Africa if it were a country. The GDP of this state is US$33,679


Rivers state is the 3rd largest oil producing state and an a member of the Niger Delta states. Its capital is Port Harcourt. Rivers is home to 2 major oil refineries. It also has sea ports. Due to its oil production status, it was able to raise her GDP to what it is today. The GDP of Rivers is US$21,073 and it is Second after Lagos Nigeria.

Fish production is also an important activity in this state.


Delta state is located in the oil rich south south geopolitical region of Nigeria. As expected, it is also an oil producing state and even the 2nd largest producer. Asaba is the capital of this state but Warri happens to be it commercial nerves. The GDP of Delta state is US$16,749

  • 4. OYO STATE

Oyo state is the 3rd richest state in Nigeria and have a GDP of US$16,121. This state prides itself as the pace setter state. The popular Ibadan is the capital of this state. It is home to University of Ibadan, the first university in Nigeria, the Cocoa house, the first skyscraper built in Africa and other important landmarks. It is also a home to the Old Oyo National park, Ado-Awaye Suspended lake and other interesting tourist attractions.

  • 5. IMO STATE

Owerri is the largest and capital of Imo state. Imo is the 5th richest state in Nigeria. It is located in South Eastern Nigeria and luckily, it is blessed with oil. This had really helped in growing the economy of this state and making it one of the richest state in Nigeria. Its current GDP according to Wikipedia is US$14,212.


Kano state prides itself as the center of commerce in Nigeria, it is the most industrial state in northern region and also the most economically sound state in Northern Nigeria. This state according to the 2006 census is the most populated state in Nigeria. The GDP of Kano state is US$12,393 making it the 6th wealthiest state in Nigeria.

  • 7. EDO STATE

Edo state has a GDP of US$11,888 making it the 7th richest state in Nigeria. One of the oil producing state in Nigeria located in the South South geopolitical zone. Benin city is the capital of this state.


Akwa Ibom state is the 8th richest state in Nigeria with its capital at Uyo. Akwa Ibom is also the largest oil producing state in Nigeria and we can’t be wrong to say it is because of this that the state made the list. sharing a border with the Atlantic ocean and regarded as one of the most beautiful state in the country. It GDP is US$11,179


Ogun state is the 9th richest Nigerian state with a GDP of US$10,470. This is the most industrial state in Nigeria and one of the region that share border with Lagos state.


Kaduna State is one of the richest states in Northern Nigeria and was able to take the 10th spot of the wealthiest states in Nigeria. It has a GDP of US$10,334 and regarded as the center of learning.

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